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Top 10 Texas Beaches

Woman in bikini on beach

Honestly, are there swimmable beaches in Texas?

For anyone looking for the perfect Texas beach holiday, Shop Safe 360 can help you discover the best beaches in Texas that offers a range of activities and experiences to choose from. From swimming and surfing at some of the most beautiful beaches in Texas to discover miles of hidden gems on the coastlines, you’ll be sure to find something that caters to your individual needs. Do you need to escape to relax, swim, or just to get away from it all? Start exploring with Shop Safe 360 today and experience first-hand why Texas beaches are truly something special. Whether you’re an avid snorkeler, an amateur kayaker, or simply looking for a relaxing weekend away from it all – Shop Safe 360 has you covered. Texas has a wide selection of breathtaking oceanfront locations, incredible sunsets, and plentiful wildlife sightings – there’s no better place to spend your summer holidays than these stunning coastal spots. So, if you’re ready to explore the beauty and wonder of the Lone Star State- Click here now to explore your many options and discover what the great state of Texas has in store for you! If you need some inspiration, check out this informative video by Revisionee for more insight on beaches in Texas.

Popular Texas Beaches

  • South Padre Island – Located on the Gulf Coast, this beach is known for its clear water and fantastic water sports.
  • Galveston Island – This beach is located on the Gulf Coast and is known for its vast, sandy shores.
  • Corpus Christi – Located on the Gulf Coast, Corpus Christi is home to numerous public beaches with amenities like playgrounds, grills, and showers.
  • Port Aransas – Located on Mustang Island on the Gulf Coast, Port Aransas is known for its fishing and birdwatching.
  • Padre Island National Seashore – Located on the Gulf Coast, this beach is home to a variety of wildlife and is popular among birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.
  • Mustang Island State Park – Located on the Gulf Coast, this beach is known for its clear water and fantastic water sports.
  • Rockport – Located on the Gulf Coast, Rockport is known for its fishing and birdwatching.
  • Boca Chica Beach – Located on the Gulf Coast near Brownsville, Boca Chica Beach is known for its clear water and sandy shores.
  • Matagorda Bay – Located on the Gulf Coast, this beach is known for its birdwatching and fishing.
  • Surfside Beach – Located on the Gulf Coast, this beach is known for its vast, sandy shores and is popular among families.

Exploring the Beaches of Galveston Texas

Top 10 Texas Beaches
Galveston Beach, Texas

Galveston Beach is a popular and beautiful beach located in the city of Galveston, Texas. It has a long white sand shoreline that stretches for miles and picturesque views of the Gulf Coast. Its popularity comes from its wide array of activities, such as sunbathing, swimming, surfing, fishing, kayaking, and more! Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day at the beach or an adventure-filled one – there’s something to enjoy here on Galveston Beach. For those seeking the thrill of riding waves along a sandy shoreline – surfing at beaches in Texas is worth considering. You can find some amazing surf spots along various parts of the state, including destinations like Port Aransas or South Padre Island, which offer good swells year-round! While it may be intimidating to newcomers, especially during peak season — learning how to surf with proper instruction will allow you to become confident in no time Fishing is also another great activity on many beaches throughout Texas, which allows anglers to explore several types of aquatic life nearshore without having to travel too far inland. Whether you prefer going out on boats for deep sea fishing or stick close by casting off from shorelines — before heading out, always make sure that your tackle box has all the necessary items that could help improve your chances at catching something worthwhile offshore! Swimming is one of the most beloved things people search for when they visit beaches – so it should come as no surprise that finding locations where one can take advantage of this activity should be a high priority when exploring any part of the Texas coastline! Remember that certain areas might not have regulated standards, so exercise caution while around water even though it might seem safe due to strong currents associated with an open waterscape. Last but certainly not least are the resorts dotted throughout various parts of Texas offering visitors easy access to multiple amenities right next to their favorite beach getaway spots, such as restaurants, shops, bars & accommodations. Not only does this give them the option to stay longer since they need not worry about finding separate lodging but being able to relax further away from any big city guarantees an overall pleasant experience.

Whether you’re looking for a thrill or want to relax and soak up the sun, Galveston has something for everyone; with its wide range of activities and lodging options, it is one of the premier beach destinations in Texas. The waters around this beach provide excellent surfing conditions, thanks to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, making it an ideal spot for experienced surfers as well as beginners who are learning how to ride the waves.

Relaxing on the Texas Coastline

Surfing at Texas Beaches – Ride the Waves of Fun

If you’re an experienced surfer or have always wanted to give it a try—Texas beaches offer some of the best surfing in all of America! Here you can ride waves from gentle swells all the way up to huge breakers over -feet high. There are also plenty of beginner classes available which can teach even first-time surfers how to catch their first wave. With warm water temperatures year-round, it’s no wonder why so many people flock here every year!

Swimming at Beach Resorts in Texas

Take advantage of sizzling summer days with refreshing dips in the Gulf waters surrounding TX towns near the coast. Many beaches feature lifeguards patrolling designated swimming spots ensuring safety for tourists who choose to spend time cooling off nearby ocean shores between afternoon sightseeing tours. visit local shops/restaurants at times when temperatures reach almost unbearable heights. Unshaded inland locations far away, cooler offshore breezes combine to act as a cooling system in nature itself, creating an enjoyable oasis for anyone seeking respite sunniest hours given day! other added benefits of going public seaside areas include leaving behind teeming streams, cars clogging highways during rush hour traffic jams packing weekend getaways worldwide phenomenon gladly avoided thanks convenience of coastal access provided nearshore properties galore found state-wide spread across its length width

Fishing in Texas Beaches – Catch Loads of Fish for All to Enjoy

If catching fish is more your style, then head down to one south coastal town beach during winter months where speckled trout, redfish, and flounder roam freely, ready for anglers, young and old alike, to enjoy! The waters around these areas remain clear throughout all seasons, making visibility great, meaning shallow water fishing trips productive too, as well as deep sea charters possible if desired by visitors wanting big catches offshore pelagic fish such as sailfish, mackerels, sharks, etc. Fall months bring shrimp back into marsh-like estuaries providing loads extra species, including crabs who love feasting upon schooled bait fishes lured along sandy bottoms.

Beach Resorts in Texas – Live in Luxury on Your Vacation

Texas also boasts countless beach resorts located on its stunning coasts—perfect places to stay if you want a fabulous holiday away from home routines, hustle, and everyday work schedule. Hard-earned vacations deserve a reward, quality entertainment, assured meeting standards, elevated supplied accommodation facilities ranging from five-star luxury condominiums, complete amenity packages, and simply remarkable options for those who desire to indulge a little bit extra.


So many options

There’s a beach to fit every personality

Fish, fishing, fishing!

Awesome campsites

Perfect weather if you like it hot.


Hot weather

Water clarity

Too many options, over 350 miles of waterfront!

Off-grid vibes, perfect for introverts, explorers, and deep thinking.

Texas Beach Regulations and Tips for Keeping Fish Safe

Texas beaches may offer some of the best fishing in the country, but it is crucial to understand the regulations to protect the fish and the environment. Knowing the rules and following the guidelines will help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience while fishing in Texas.

Anyone can learn to fish! Hey Skipper is a variety fishing show that encourages people everywhere to get off the couch and explore the outdoors! Join us on our adventure and learn first-hand how to fish some of the best spots in the world yourself! Check out our website for more tips and products that will help you catch fish!

Texas Beach Regulations

Texas has a variety of beach regulations that anglers must follow to avoid getting into trouble. These regulations include not fishing within a designated swimming area, strictly adhering to size, number, and species limits, and obtaining necessary licenses and permits. It is also essential to follow all posted signs and be aware of any closures.

In addition, it is illegal to fish within five hundred feet of commercial and recreational boat docks, shorelines with public or private docks, or within five hundred feet of any marked swimming area. Finally, anglers must not possess more than two fishing poles on Texas beaches. To find out more about beach regulations, please get in touch with TPWD for additional resources.

Tips for Keeping Fish Safe in Texas

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience while fishing in Texas, there are several tips that anglers must keep in mind.

First, anglers should ensure that their bait and tackle are always kept safe and sanitary. Immediately removing fish from the hook and releasing them as soon as possible will help ensure the safety and health of the fish. In addition, anglers should always be aware of their surroundings and never discard fishing lines, lures, or other debris into the water. Finally, when not in use, anglers should keep their poles and other equipment out of sight and never leave them unattended.

By following these tips and all the regulations in place, anglers can have a safe and enjoyable time while fishing on Texas beaches. To find out more about fishing regulations on Texas beaches, please get in touch with The Texas General Land Office.

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